Discover the Best Coffees in Kansas City


1.  Freshness

We work exclusively with Kansas City’s small batch artisan roasters to ship coffees within 2 days of roasting for maximum quality and taste.



2.  Convenience

Never again go to your kitchen to brew some coffee but find that you've run out. Set up a recurring order and always have great fresh roasted coffee available!



3.  Simplicity

Each box contains a variety of roaster picked coffees that they want to feature - which means no more guessing at long coffee lists in order to discover your new favorite coffees.

Our Story

Welcome to The Coffee Dispatch. We offer coffee gift boxes and subscriptions featuring Kansas City's artisan roasters. My journey into the wonderful world of Kansas City coffee began in 2013. It was in this year that a friend shared with me Kansas City local coffee that she prepared in her french press.

I had previously never enjoyed drinking coffee. The taste, bitter and overwhelmingly unpleasant, was too much for me to bear. Up until this point, the only coffee that I had tried was offerings from the Seattle-based chain, K-Cups and the popular, grounded options from the grocery store that my grandmother would use for her morning cup. The only way I could bring myself to stomach these coffees was through heavy doses of sugar and creamer.

But this freshly roasted local coffee was completely different! The wonderful aroma filled the kitchen. Upon tasting I found it to be smooth, full of flavor but not overpowering and bitter like the over-roasted beans from the national brands. Furthermore, I came to find that I preferred to drink these local coffees without adding sweetener and creamers. In fact, adding sweetener and creamer was like throwing a blanket over the rich natural flavor of the coffee.

So after a year of sampling the different roasters and varieties, I came to the conclusion that I have to share Kansas City coffee with the rest of the world, which is why we created The Coffee Dispatch. It is our mission to deliver fresh roasted, amazing coffee to our customers at a great value.

So if you are looking for a unique, boutique gift idea or you just want to treat yourself to a variety of amazing artisan coffees, then please place an order. We know that you'll love Kansas City artisan coffee just like we do. 



David Samuels

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Kansas City has a wealth of great artisan coffee roasted locally every day.  We are proud that we are able to bring these great coffee roasts straight to your doorstep!  Each roast is unique in flavor, strength, and origin as well as in the way that it is roasted.  Because of this you really need to try them all to find your favorite!  So please, dive in to each of our featured roasters and expand your coffee horizons!